Pokemon Trading Card games can be purchased at Indomaret, prices start at IDR 20.000

The Pokemon trading card game is officially available in Indonesia. The existence of this card exchange game in the country is due to the licensing cooperation between PT Anugerah Kreasi Gemilang (AKG) which is under the auspices of the Salim Group and The Pokemon Company as the license holder for the Pokemon card trading game.

In Indonesia, this game is available in Indonesian but can apply internationally.

This Pokemon card game targets children aged 6 to 35 years old and can be played by families.

Executive Director of the Salim Group, Axton Salim, said that this Pokemon card game is already available in Indomaret throughout the Jabodetabek area and also in official game stores.

This Pokemon card game is sold from IDR 20 thousand to IDR 80 thousand.

Axton said that currently there are still quite a lot of fans of trading card games in Indonesia. For this reason, his party is presenting this Pokemon trading card game to the Indonesian market.

“We see an opportunity, in Indonesia many are interested in playing Pokemon trading cards. So, now is the time to have a Pokemon card game that uses Indonesian. Now we can buy cards at Indomart in Jabodetabek,” said Axton when launching the Pokemon trading card game in Jakarta. , Thursday (8/8/2019).

Will be Released Outside Jabodetabek

Axton said that the Pokemon Go card game will also be sold outside Jabodetabek. However, he said, it was done gradually.

In addition, in the future the Salim Group will also present a digital version of this Pokemon trading card game.

“In the future, we will also launch a digital version of this trading card. When the digital version of the Pokemon trading card is launched, it becomes the player’s choice, whether to play the digital version or the physical card,” said Axton.

Instead of releasing digital games, Axton said, currently 50 percent of Indonesia’s population is people under 30 years of age. Those under the age of 30 are considered the target market for this Pokemon trading card game.

“Children can learn to interact with each other, (with the Pokemon card trading game) children can learn about strategies and cooperative skills,” he said.