The game from Japan, Pokemon Trading Card, is officially available in Indonesia

The Pokemon Company from Japan and the Salim Group through PT Anugerah Kreasi Gemilang (AKG) officially brought the Pokemon trading card game to Indonesia. AKG is the main license holder to bring Pokemon trading card games to Indonesia.

This Pokemon trading card is the most popular card trading game in the world. Moreover, when entering Indonesia, this game comes in Indonesian so that it is easier for card game lovers in Indonesia to play.

Even though there are many digital games that can be played on smartphones, card trading games are still loved in Indonesia.

Kenjiro Ito, a member of the Board of Directors of The Pokemon Company, said that this game has been around since 1996 and is still well-liked until now.

“The Pokemon trading card game has been sold since 1996 in Japan, at the age of 23, this game already exists in the United States and the European continent. Now we want to reach the Indonesian market,” said Ito at the launch of the Pokemon trading card game in Jakarta, Thursday (8/8/2019).

Ito said that for 23 years of being present, the game has been produced in 12 languages ​​and Indonesian is the 13th language.

Executive Director of the Salim Group, Axton Salim, said that the presence of this game was not only for adults but also for children. Because, this game can reach a wider age, namely 6 to 35 years.

“This game trains players to think strategically because this game requires tactics and expertise to be able to play cards offline,” said Axton on the same occasion.

In addition, said Axton, this game teaches sports players because before playing, the players must shake hands.

He added, although this Pokemon card exchange game is available in Indonesian, the cards can be valid internationally.

About the Pokemon Trading Card Game

For your information, the Pokemon game was first created in February 1996, as a video for the Nintendo Game Boy console. In addition, Pokemon Company as the company that houses Pokemon games also makes other games.

In October 1996, the Pokemon trading card game was inaugurated as the first and oldest trading card game in Japan.

Each card has its own effect. This means that players can enjoy their activities in compiling cards of their choice which are then used in strategic battles against the opposing side.

The fun part of these cards is when the players come face to face, such as when they have to exchange greetings, at the start and end of the game.

For your information, this leading game is getting enthusiasm in many countries. As of March 2019, this card game has sold more than 27.2 billion cards worldwide.