Earn UPTO $100 By Singing App | Karaoke App Earn Money

Karaoke applications are much preferred because there is no need to leave the house and rent a karaoke room. In fact, just by sharing the internet, anyone can karaoke online and sing their favorite songs with new people. This is what also makes karaoke applications as social networking media.

Singing is one of the activities that almost everyone does. Not only for those who have a hobby of singing, people who are not so fond of singing a song must also often sing several types of songs.

With a good voice or not singing remains one of the things that is quite enjoyable for many people. Even those who work as singers initially liked singing activities even if it was just to entertain themselves. Those who like to sing often even sing karaoke either in a special studio or using their cellphones.

So, now you don’t need to be an artist or musician but you can sing as much as you want and get paid.

While some of these applications are still new and very legit for making money, install them right away and don’t miss this great opportunity.

How to Make Money From Karaoke Online:

  • Active Karaoke
  • Invite Friends via Referral Code
  • Join or create a Live Room
  • Free coins
  • get reward money

The first thing you have to do is install the application first.

Please download the karaoke application to earn money HERE

Immediately you login with your facebook, twitter, or google account.

After you have successfully logged in, you can karaoke as much as you like the songs you like, from Indonesian songs to western songs, all in the Wesing application.

Then how can I earn money from this karaoke application?

For new users if you want to earn money is to enter the referral code,

In this application there is a feature called coins and flowers. The more you collect interest, the more money you will earn.

To get a lot of interest and coins, you have to karaoke often and share your karaoke results.

If the recording of your singing voice gets likes, then you will get flowers.

Likewise, people who like your recordings will also get interest. So, you don’t have to hesitate to like other people’s song recordings so you can get a lot of interest.

The point in order to earn a lot of money is to keep singing with your sweet voice.

That’s why at the beginning of my article I said this article is perfect for those of you who have a talent for singing.

But those of you who are not talented at singing don’t mean you can’t try it, in fact with this karaoke application you can practice singing to your heart’s content and can also taste the change that you will get in this application.