4 types of insurance that must be owned, what are they?

Insurance is an investment that everyone must have. Many people still think that having insurance is not very important due to various factors.

In fact, if you have insurance, life will be calmer because everything can be covered by the insurance you are currently using.

Although not all risks are not covered by this insurance. But it would be nice if you have insurance so you don’t have a headache in the future. No one knows what will happen to your life in the future.

In addition to providing a sense of security and providing certainty, insurance can also be a place for those of you who want to save and invest. So there is no need to worry about your future life.

At this age, at least there is insurance that you should have. What about the insurance? The following is the insurance that you must have, as quoted from TunaiKita.

1. Life Insurance

Life insurance aims to provide financial protection if the insured party dies. One thing to note, there are insurers who return the insured party’s funds before his death and there are also those who give after the insured dies.

In addition, life insurance can also be registered for a third person and is included in one of the most important types of insurance because it will guarantee the life of the family of the insured party who dies.

2. Health Insurance

Health insurance is the insurance most widely used by Indonesians. With this health insurance, the insured will get health insurance if he experiences an unexpected event such as illness, injury, accident, and even death.

Nobody wants all these calamities, but what is certain is “providing an umbrella before it rains”.

3. Vehicle Insurance

There are still many people who do not use vehicle insurance due to several factors, one of which is cost and is not too important, such as health and life insurance.

In fact, this vehicle insurance provides protection against injury or damage to private vehicles or other people in the event of an accident. In addition, vehicle insurance can also replace the insured’s loss.

4. Home Insurance

Residential insurance is one of the insurance that you must have in addition to life and health insurance. This type of insurance aims to provide protection to homeowners for all losses related to their place of residence.

Losses that can be replaced are in the form of fire, damage, floods, and other natural disasters that befall the property of the dependent party The insurance company will compensate you with money that can be used again to build a house.

After reading the insurance that you must have, have you thought about having this insurance again? There’s nothing wrong with thinking about the future so that it won’t be difficult later on and “providing an umbrella before it rains”, right?